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About Emma's Bed & Breakfast

Emma’s Bed and Breakfast is the culmination of years of dreaming and some fortunate timing. Built in 1833, the house was originally a family home built by a county assessor and farmer by the name of J.M. Cartmell. The big house later became the Weider Tea Room and was a beautiful place for friends to gather. More recently, the house was purchased by a couple hoping to one day turn the house into a bed and breakfast. They carried that hope for years before once more offering the house up for sale, having not had the time and resources to see their dream come true.

That is where the current owner, Ron Brown, came into the scene. Ron had owned and operated a nearby bed and breakfast for over 13 years and was in the process of transitioning away from that bed and breakfast. Despite knowing his time at the old bed and breakfast was over, he was reluctant to give up the years of relationship he had established there.

While driving down the road one day, Ron noticed the “for sale” sign in front of the great brick house. His curiosity was piqued. The match seemed to be fate. The previous owner still wanted to see her dream of turning the house into a bed and breakfast come true, and Ron was looking for a new project. His experience running a bed and breakfast made him the perfect candidate for the historic Cartmell house.

While the previous owner had done some restoration work, Ron was able to further that by adding three and a half bathrooms to ensure each room had its own private facilities. The house now has four bedrooms and a suite that contains both a bedroom and a living room. The gardens are being restored and restructured, and plans are being made for the rest of the nine acre lot.

Ron hopes to add to the charm and elegance of the property by clearing out walking paths through the wooded property, and maybe even one day adding secluded cabins and a pond for fishing and kayaking.

Come stay at Emma’s Bed and Breakfast now and become part of the family tradition.

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